Hands Free and Blue tooth.

Installing Car Audio Gold Coast

These days a new car will come with a stereo/audio system that has what you need for sound and phone connectivity and GPS.

​BUT what if your car is an older model?

With the recent Queensland law changes in regards to mobile phone use while driving, it is more important than ever to have a car audio system installed that you can enjoy while driving but also keep you in good standing with the new road rules.

When you think of a car stereo, – you instantly think of a car radio “That thing that plays music in your car’ But now as cars become more and more hi-tech and we rely upon our phones for more than just calls. A car stereo needs to do a whole lot more than just play music.

Only a few years ago a decent stereo unit consisted of a radio tuner, CD player and possibly an AUX outlet to connect your

phone or MP3 player! Fast forward only a few years and we require complete connectivity to your phone and other smart

devices and be handsfree.

Think of it as an Infotainment’ system with the following features Bluetooth integration, navigation systems and phone integration systems such as CarP lay and Android Auto.

You have 2 options when upgrading your current system. You can either install a new blue tooth kit and these are stand alone.

The options are:

  • Mounted speakerphones
  • Hands-free calling kits
  • Audio streaming kits
  • Combination kits

Blue tooth kits will give you hands free functionality but they do have 2 main drawbacks and these are receiving phone calls

and muting the radio or they add a whole lot of extra wires and gadgets in the car and look messy.

This is where a new Stereo or a Bluetooth Head unit installation will be the solution for you.

Different stereos will accommodate different features, so it’s important to figure out what you want from your car stereo before you pick one.

  • Bluetooth: Necessary for connectivity cables! These days Bluetooth is a must. Depending on the Bluetooth system, you’ll be able to make and receive phone calls as well as play music through your car speakers.
  • USB connectivity: This is needed for charging, connecting extra devices like a portable hard drive and if you have opted for a smaller stereo installation you will still need to connect a GPS or your phone (You will need a double DIN to fit in the bigger display for a GPS and stereo combination)
  • Apple CarPlay/Android Auto: Smartphone is a in demand feature with new car buyers and you can have it too.
  • CD/DVD player: CD players are now phased out in new car models in favour of Bluetooth and AUX, if you want to keep it old school and play CDs you can still get them installed. 

Who Can Install A New Car Stereo

​Installing a new car stereo system will involve dealing with your car’s wiring.

The stereo has to be wired into your car speakers. If you are putting in new speakers then these will have to be completely

rewired. The car audio system will come with a warranty – Check to see the terms and conditions of the warranty. If it is not

fitted by a professional you may void the warranty.

A qualified auto electrician knows how to correctly remove the old unit and install the new one.This way, you know your new stereo will be working perfectly from the start and if something does go wrong, it will most likely be an issue the actual car stereo and with proof that it was installed correctly you can follow this up with the retailer / manufacturer

Other accessories you may also consider getting installed are: 

  • Reverse cameras
  • Or parking sensors.

We can install these for you as well. Very handy accessories to have to avoid damage to your car.