Gold Coast Mechanic – Ashmore Mechanic

We are the Gold Coasts best local mechanic and auto service centre.

Our auto mechanic workshop is located in Ashmore.

We are the Southport mechanic locals trust and our customers travel

from all over the Gold Coast to see our experinced mechanics

We pride ourselves on providing affordable and reliable car services for all

vehicle makes and models, and our experienced, honest and professional automotive team can diagnose and repair any problem in all Australian

, Japanese and European vehicles.

We service, tune and repair most models of cars, light trucks and

4WD vehicles.

Book your vehicle in today for:

  • General Servicing and Tuning
  • Brake and Clutch Repairs
  • Gearbox Repairs and Replacements
  • All Engine Work
  • Auto-Electrical Work
  • Air conditioning Service and Repairs
  • Exhaust Repairs
  • Suspension
  • Safety Certificates
  • RWC’s

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Gold Coast Car Detailing


Did you know we also offer car detailing as a stand alone service as well?

All cars that book into to have a regular car service or log

book service will also receive a free car detail valued at


​To read more about the car detailing Click Here

Car Stereo Gold Coast


We can do more than service or repair your car!

We are also offer all car stereo installation and audio set


This includes adding new car speakers. We can install

new speakers on all doors ( Front and rear) and install

rear speakers as well.

Extras like a Sub Woofer are also easily installed.

As well as a new stereo installation we can install rear view cameras and dash cameras . See here for more information

If you need an sound or audio addition to your car or a camera for safety and parking then we can do this for you at our Gold Coast Car Service Centre.

The Southport Mechanic You Can Trust

We source our parts from reputable suppliers and guarantee the work on your vehicle.

Customer satisfaction is our goal and we stand by our work.

We will give you information on the car repairs or maintenance your vehicle requires and an estimate before we start any mechanical work.

We will not do any work unless you authorise it and agree to the price upfront

We are your One stop shop for all your vehicle servicing , brakes , tyres, suspension , air conditioning , with the latest computer diagnostics

For car key or lock issues you will have to see an auto locksmith

If you want further paint protection – We advise to have your car wrapped

All our work is certified to the Australian Standards

We do same day Roadworthy Certificates,Safety Inspection Reports and Pre Purchase inspections.

We offer same day reports. Book your car in today.

See here for more details 

Gold Coast Mechanic and Log Book Service Centre

Despite what dealerships tell you, you do not have to service your car at a dealership.

So long as your mechanic is a licensed repairer, your warranty is not affected— the law says so.

We always get asked what is the difference between a normal car service and a log book service.A car service can be done at anytime to check fluids, lights and the general road safety of your vehicle.A log book service is done at certain time intervals or mileage that the manufacturer sets and it is part of the warranty conditions

Every car make and model has a logbook which specifies when a certain service needs to be done to keep your car in shape.

Our Log Book Services includes:

  • Brake check and written inspection report
  • Exhaust check and written inspection report
  • Suspension check and written inspection report
  • Serviced to the manufacturer’s specification
  • Use of high-quality parts where required
  • Conducted by very qualified & experienced mechanics

Gold Coast Car Service Centre

If you’re looking for a reliable, affordable mechanic on the Gold Coast – You have found one!

At Gold Coast Car Care we are experienced with all kinds of car services and repairs.

If your car does need an expensive part or major service, we can space things out so that you are not hit with the bill all at once. Our work is a better alternative to a dealership service

Our total car service includes the following:

  • Checking your oil and oil filter
  • Checking & adjusting your brakes and tyre pressure
  • Inspecting your fuel filter, air filter and belts
  • Checking your fuel system, gearbox and transmission
  • Checking lights, suspension and wiper blades

We offer car servicing and repair to a wide range of vehicles, including most European models

If you want to get a written mechanical quote, use the contact form and we can respond with our pricing

When we have finished the car service we will contact you to notify what we have found and we can suggest what needs to be changed, replaced or topped up.

We will always ask before we go ahead with any repairs or replacements.

There will be no nasty bill when you come to collect your vehicle

Brakes Service And Brakes Repairs

Any mechanic on the Gold Coast will tell you that your cars brakes are the most important thing for your safety.

Do not risk an accident on our roads. The roads on the Gold Coast area can be a slippery nightmare with the mix of a lot of traffic, hot weather, hot tar and humid weather.

When we do a brake service at Gold Coast Car Care

We check that your brake pads are still thick enough and all your brake components work fine.

Some cars even have a brake warning light – If it is on then please get your brakes checked.

Other signs that you will need your brakes assessed

  • The car loses some grip when braking
  • The car pulls to the left or right whenever you brake
  • The brake pedal is low, hard, soft or spongy
  • The steering wheel shakes when you brake
  • The brakes make unusual noises or start to screech or squeal
  • The car starts to take longer to stop when you apply the brakes.

Car Air Conditioning Gold Coast

Living on the Gold Coast means you need cold air conditioning most of the year

When we service your cars air conditioning system we ensure that this will keep your A/C running perfectly for hot summer months Remember it is also needed or to remove humidity from your windows.

If your A/C is broken, we can repair it at affordable prices.

Our trained team offers car air conditioning service and repair.

Our Air condition service includes:

  • Checking the valves and thermostat
  • Inspection of your components and hoses
  • Test for leaks
  • Run a test on your temperature
  • Top up refrigerant oil
  • Diagnose any air conditioning problems
  • Replace filters

Signs that you need your cars air conditioner serviced

  • There is a noise or rattling when you turn on the A/C
  • Your windows begin misting up more often
  • It takes longer to demist your windscreenThe air starts to smell stale or like mildew
  • The airflow starts getting weaker
  • There is moisture on the dashboard around the air vents
  • The air starts out as cool but then heats up

We can quickly get your cars air con fixed before it turns serious and keep ready to hit the road and comfortable in your vehicle in all weather conditions.

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